Reflections from the week November 6th – November 12th

1. This week I learned…

1. Tenacity & Flexiblity is one of the most important skills you can have as a journalist. Those you are trying to get an interview with have very busy schedules and you have to be ready to work with their time no matter how inconvient it may be.

2. A story that stuck in my media consciousness can be found HERE.  A Make-A-Wish dream comes from true for a 7-year-old boy who was diagnosed with nephroblastoma, a rare form of kidney cancer. He had the incredible opportunity of being a star of his own movie about World War II.

3. This week we advanced in our group story by planning out our story. We are doing it on Jordan Loveridge. We were able to book the interview and get it recorded on the same day. We have started transcribing the interview and planning what B roll and what other voiceovers will appear in our news story.


Reflections from the week October 23 – October 30th

1. This week I learned…

1. You have to apply very quickly for the internship or job you want because all journalism and communication jobs are extremely competitive.

2. Social Media has huge influence on businesses as well as consumers in ways I hadn’t thought of before.

3. You will NEVER have a group agree on just one option, so it’s important to voice them options but then you make the decision of what to do or what story to tell and they can choose to jump on board or not, but you will never win them all.

2. A story that stuck in my media consciousness can be found HERE. A boy with autism who plays on a High School football team was honored by his team and the opposing team. This is a story that uplifts and inspires. We all have power to make a difference in the lives of others and to make others feel important. I love that two High Schools from Pennsylvania were able to be role models showing kindness.

3.  This week I advanced my own story by writing my draft for my story and turning that in after a peer review. I also made arrangements to meet with Lexi this upcoming Saturday since our first planned interview fell through. I’m excited to meet her in person and see her house. She is such a tender spirit, I have a feeling we will be sharing lots of tears as I interview her. I can’t wait to meet her and make a powerful story that can move others to tears through inspiration and faith.

Reflections from the week of September 17th – 24th

1. This week I learned 5 things.

1. I was reminded that I have been blessed with the GREATEST college instructor in the world. I don’t just say that. I have had JJ for two semesters in a row now, she cares about her students. You can ask her questions, speak your heart and she will listen to you, she believes in you and she makes you feel like you are going places in this world. She teaches you everything you need to know about the real world. She inspires you to work harder. She is phenomenal!

2. I learned that taking I-215 to the U is NOT quicker.

3. I learned sometimes you have to email busy people 3 times before they will respond to you for a pressing interview. (It’s understandable, they are busy and emails can become overwhelming.)

4. I learned it is our moral obligation to make the world a better place!

5. I learned you have to let listeners/viewers/readers discover things from your reports that drive them crazy and they’ll remember it, and act on it. You just have to be the voice that delivers the message for them to decide on their own.

2. A story that stuck in my media consciousness can be found HERE. This story ties in perfectly with the news story I am doing for my podcast. BYU fans are upset that Carl’s Jr. is a sponsor for the BYU games. Fans have been complaining on their social media about the commercials that are shown with provocative women and ketchup dripping down their almost naked bodies.

A school that promotes modesty and is allowing sponsors with distasteful ads like that should not go hand in hand. Where is the consistency?

3.  This week I advanced my own story by interviewing Lexie Kite with Beauty Redefined. I submitted a draft and had some peers review my story. I decided I needed a natural sound and a guy’s perspective so I have been brainstorming sounds and I booked an interview with a college guy to add his opinion in my podcast.

Power of Journalism

I wanted to write a quick post explaining the purpose of this blog. This blog has been set up for my Digital Journalism class to show case the things I am learning and the projects I am working on. I always say, if you don’t like something – CHANGE IT! As I am learning more about journalism, I am realizing how much power a journalist has. I want to become a journalist to make a difference in the world. I want to use my voice for good, bringing to light the topics that matter and reporting on the stories that will either make you smile or jump for action. We all have a voice and I want my voice to be used with power to make a change in this world we are living in.