Reflections from November 20th – November 26th

Can I be honest? This is my personal blog, with my voice so I’m going to be honest. Judy came to guest speak to our class today and she shared two things with us.

1. “I am dumber than I realized.”

My opinion: While this may be true, I disagree with the way this is phrased. I am a huge believer in humility, I study it out constantly and this is one attribute I am striving the hardest to obtain. However, I am also a huge advocate for self esteem. I don’t think you should EVER dwell on the negative aspects about yourself. I truly believe in positive affirmations and you need to say postive phrases about yourself that are true or that you wish would be made true. It’s the positve beliefs that are going to take us to where we dream of going. It’s essentail we believe in what we have to offer if we are going to make it in the real world.

2. Mistakes help you learn – Accept that you make mistakes and find a way to make things better.

My opinion: Very true, I love and embrace mistakes. You make them, you evaluate and you move on. Trials and experiences are stepping stones to take us to the destination we need to go.

I felt like she had nothing to offer us in my real honest opinion. Everything she shared was nothing new to me. I felt like she was asking questions as time fillers, they were questions that we talk about in class each time. We already know about emotional and personal experiences are a huge part of journalism. I love to be inspired and I love hearing about other people and their experiences and it sounds like she has many to offer, but I don’t think she spent enough time on those incredible accolades.

I felt she didn’t share enough background and experience that related to us personally. I’m so sorry if I somehow missed the point, but I didn’t feel like this guest speaker inspired me and helped me on my career journey.


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