Reflections from the week October 31st – November 5th

1. This week I wanted to focus on what learned after conducting my first video interview…

{Many learned as a what or what not to do after watching my final project over and over}

1. The two cameras should each be facing opposite angles, one filming the interviewee and the other filming the interviewer. Then through the editing process, it will alternate between the two.

2. It is so important to enunciate your words when interviewing.

3. Body language needs to be mastered in a professional setting such as an interview.

4. Don’t comment so much on how you feel personally about the interviewee’s responses, just move on to the next question.

5. The most unique or deep questions get the story that’s deeper than the surface.

2. A story that stuck in my media consciousness can be found HERE.  A darling 8-year-old girl holds a charity fundraiser event to help the homeless. Her parents are obviously doing something right for her to have such a big heart at such a young age.

3. This week I advanced my own story by editing the video with a friend. This friend taught me a great deal about the editing process as well as the process for journalists and being in front of the camera. I was able to complete the project and although it didn’t turn out perfect or exactly how I hoped, I loved Lexi’s perspective. I am grateful I got a shot at working in front of the camera and asking questions on screen so I can start now to improve so I can become an expert soon.


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