Reflections from the week October 23 – October 30th

1. This week I learned…

1. You have to apply very quickly for the internship or job you want because all journalism and communication jobs are extremely competitive.

2. Social Media has huge influence on businesses as well as consumers in ways I hadn’t thought of before.

3. You will NEVER have a group agree on just one option, so it’s important to voice them options but then you make the decision of what to do or what story to tell and they can choose to jump on board or not, but you will never win them all.

2. A story that stuck in my media consciousness can be found HERE. A boy with autism who plays on a High School football team was honored by his team and the opposing team. This is a story that uplifts and inspires. We all have power to make a difference in the lives of others and to make others feel important. I love that two High Schools from Pennsylvania were able to be role models showing kindness.

3.  This week I advanced my own story by writing my draft for my story and turning that in after a peer review. I also made arrangements to meet with Lexi this upcoming Saturday since our first planned interview fell through. I’m excited to meet her in person and see her house. She is such a tender spirit, I have a feeling we will be sharing lots of tears as I interview her. I can’t wait to meet her and make a powerful story that can move others to tears through inspiration and faith.


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