Reflections from the week September 25th – October 2nd

1. This week I went to the Journalism & Media Symposium hosted by KSL and I wanted to share my favorite notes here. Things I’ve learned…

1. Be BOLD! It pays off.

2. Challenge news rooms – Just because you’ve always done it that way in the past, should we now?

3. Social media is helping TV reports.

4. Be willing to know some of everything when looking for a job. (Social media, web script, filming, writing – they really want someone who knows it all.)

5. Published work is something that is very important to have when applying for internships or to put on resume’s.

6. It’s important you get to the heart of the story that isn’t told.

7. Don’t follow the crowd!

8. Everything is consumed digitally first.

9. Ask the deep questions others are afraid to ask.

10. Follow your heart, it’s okay if you don’t know where you’re going. In the end, it will make an incredible story.

11. You don’t know how strong you are till you are forced to be strong.

12. Take English & grammar classes on top of your communication degree requirements.

2. A story that stuck in my media consciousness can be found HERE. News that Mitt Romney wishes he had the chance to have been in the white house. He says he won’t be running again but his huge support team and his high profile, they believe he still has a huge chance and he may just change his mind.

I loved this story because the white house needs a change. Things aren’t moving up and many American’s are worried about the future. Mitt Romney has experience and knows what to do to change things around for the best. He deserves a chance to show America.

3.  This week I advanced my own story by interviewing a guy for my story to add a different voice than where it stood a week ago. I’ve started editing pieces and I am working on getting the wording and timing just write. I’m so excited to get my message out there.


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