Reflections from the week of September 17th – 24th

1. This week I learned 5 things.

1. I was reminded that I have been blessed with the GREATEST college instructor in the world. I don’t just say that. I have had JJ for two semesters in a row now, she cares about her students. You can ask her questions, speak your heart and she will listen to you, she believes in you and she makes you feel like you are going places in this world. She teaches you everything you need to know about the real world. She inspires you to work harder. She is phenomenal!

2. I learned that taking I-215 to the U is NOT quicker.

3. I learned sometimes you have to email busy people 3 times before they will respond to you for a pressing interview. (It’s understandable, they are busy and emails can become overwhelming.)

4. I learned it is our moral obligation to make the world a better place!

5. I learned you have to let listeners/viewers/readers discover things from your reports that drive them crazy and they’ll remember it, and act on it. You just have to be the voice that delivers the message for them to decide on their own.

2. A story that stuck in my media consciousness can be found HERE. This story ties in perfectly with the news story I am doing for my podcast. BYU fans are upset that Carl’s Jr. is a sponsor for the BYU games. Fans have been complaining on their social media about the commercials that are shown with provocative women and ketchup dripping down their almost naked bodies.

A school that promotes modesty and is allowing sponsors with distasteful ads like that should not go hand in hand. Where is the consistency?

3.  This week I advanced my own story by interviewing Lexie Kite with Beauty Redefined. I submitted a draft and had some peers review my story. I decided I needed a natural sound and a guy’s perspective so I have been brainstorming sounds and I booked an interview with a college guy to add his opinion in my podcast.


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