Reflections from the week of September 8th – 14th

1. This week I learned 5 things.

1. What it is like to have a real journalism news conference and how important it is to have a specific story idea when attending one. It is so important that your story can relate to your audience and they can pin point why it matters to them and why they should care. When attending a conference like this, come PREPARED!

2. I learned you should keep everyone’s contact info just in-case you ever are in a situation where that resource or connection will come in handy.

3. I learned is to send out thank you cards & emails to everyone helping you and giving you input on a story. It’s a common courtesy as you are taking time from their day.

4. Monday’s are slow news days. If you need a press conference, schedule it for a Monday morning.

5. Journalism is like Driver’s Ed – When you were first learning to drive, you were scared and cautious  always looking out for the signs. As you started driving more you got used to it and the fear started to go away. With journalism it will get easier, it just takes practice.

2. A story that stuck in my media consciousness can be found HERE. It’s about Scott Mitchell, a former University of Utah football player who later played for the NFL for 12 years. He currently weighs 366 pounds and will be on the upcoming season of ‘Biggest Loser.’

This story struck me by how afraid and hesitant he was to show himself in public but decided to take a stance and make a change in his life.

To be honest, I hate watching the news. I realize the importance of staying informed so I watch/read it anyways. However, the stories that stick with me the most are the ones that leave you feeling happy or make you forget about the bad in this world. I love seeing a story that allows me to reflect on the good and inspiration in the world. When I get a job as a reporter, my goal will be to always leave my viewers/readers happy and uplifted after informing them on issues that matter. I want them to feel that they too can make a difference.

3.  This week I advanced my own story by writing down my specific ideas and what questions I would need to ask. I started making a few appointments for interviews with guys on campus. I have a really good feeling about my podcast and I can’t wait to build my interview skills, interviewing as many as possible. If I get in enough to create statistics, I will add a poll to the content of my podcast.


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