Reflections from November 20th – November 26th

Can I be honest? This is my personal blog, with my voice so I’m going to be honest. Judy came to guest speak to our class today and she shared two things with us.

1. “I am dumber than I realized.”

My opinion: While this may be true, I disagree with the way this is phrased. I am a huge believer in humility, I study it out constantly and this is one attribute I am striving the hardest to obtain. However, I am also a huge advocate for self esteem. I don’t think you should EVER dwell on the negative aspects about yourself. I truly believe in positive affirmations and you need to say postive phrases about yourself that are true or that you wish would be made true. It’s the positve beliefs that are going to take us to where we dream of going. It’s essentail we believe in what we have to offer if we are going to make it in the real world.

2. Mistakes help you learn – Accept that you make mistakes and find a way to make things better.

My opinion: Very true, I love and embrace mistakes. You make them, you evaluate and you move on. Trials and experiences are stepping stones to take us to the destination we need to go.

I felt like she had nothing to offer us in my real honest opinion. Everything she shared was nothing new to me. I felt like she was asking questions as time fillers, they were questions that we talk about in class each time. We already know about emotional and personal experiences are a huge part of journalism. I love to be inspired and I love hearing about other people and their experiences and it sounds like she has many to offer, but I don’t think she spent enough time on those incredible accolades.

I felt she didn’t share enough background and experience that related to us personally. I’m so sorry if I somehow missed the point, but I didn’t feel like this guest speaker inspired me and helped me on my career journey.


Reflections from the week November 6th – November 12th

1. This week I learned…

1. Tenacity & Flexiblity is one of the most important skills you can have as a journalist. Those you are trying to get an interview with have very busy schedules and you have to be ready to work with their time no matter how inconvient it may be.

2. A story that stuck in my media consciousness can be found HERE.  A Make-A-Wish dream comes from true for a 7-year-old boy who was diagnosed with nephroblastoma, a rare form of kidney cancer. He had the incredible opportunity of being a star of his own movie about World War II.

3. This week we advanced in our group story by planning out our story. We are doing it on Jordan Loveridge. We were able to book the interview and get it recorded on the same day. We have started transcribing the interview and planning what B roll and what other voiceovers will appear in our news story.

Reflections from the week October 31st – November 5th

1. This week I wanted to focus on what learned after conducting my first video interview…

{Many learned as a what or what not to do after watching my final project over and over}

1. The two cameras should each be facing opposite angles, one filming the interviewee and the other filming the interviewer. Then through the editing process, it will alternate between the two.

2. It is so important to enunciate your words when interviewing.

3. Body language needs to be mastered in a professional setting such as an interview.

4. Don’t comment so much on how you feel personally about the interviewee’s responses, just move on to the next question.

5. The most unique or deep questions get the story that’s deeper than the surface.

2. A story that stuck in my media consciousness can be found HERE.  A darling 8-year-old girl holds a charity fundraiser event to help the homeless. Her parents are obviously doing something right for her to have such a big heart at such a young age.

3. This week I advanced my own story by editing the video with a friend. This friend taught me a great deal about the editing process as well as the process for journalists and being in front of the camera. I was able to complete the project and although it didn’t turn out perfect or exactly how I hoped, I loved Lexi’s perspective. I am grateful I got a shot at working in front of the camera and asking questions on screen so I can start now to improve so I can become an expert soon.

Reflections from the week October 23 – October 30th

1. This week I learned…

1. You have to apply very quickly for the internship or job you want because all journalism and communication jobs are extremely competitive.

2. Social Media has huge influence on businesses as well as consumers in ways I hadn’t thought of before.

3. You will NEVER have a group agree on just one option, so it’s important to voice them options but then you make the decision of what to do or what story to tell and they can choose to jump on board or not, but you will never win them all.

2. A story that stuck in my media consciousness can be found HERE. A boy with autism who plays on a High School football team was honored by his team and the opposing team. This is a story that uplifts and inspires. We all have power to make a difference in the lives of others and to make others feel important. I love that two High Schools from Pennsylvania were able to be role models showing kindness.

3.  This week I advanced my own story by writing my draft for my story and turning that in after a peer review. I also made arrangements to meet with Lexi this upcoming Saturday since our first planned interview fell through. I’m excited to meet her in person and see her house. She is such a tender spirit, I have a feeling we will be sharing lots of tears as I interview her. I can’t wait to meet her and make a powerful story that can move others to tears through inspiration and faith.

Reflections from the week September 25th – October 2nd

1. This week I went to the Journalism & Media Symposium hosted by KSL and I wanted to share my favorite notes here. Things I’ve learned…

1. Be BOLD! It pays off.

2. Challenge news rooms – Just because you’ve always done it that way in the past, should we now?

3. Social media is helping TV reports.

4. Be willing to know some of everything when looking for a job. (Social media, web script, filming, writing – they really want someone who knows it all.)

5. Published work is something that is very important to have when applying for internships or to put on resume’s.

6. It’s important you get to the heart of the story that isn’t told.

7. Don’t follow the crowd!

8. Everything is consumed digitally first.

9. Ask the deep questions others are afraid to ask.

10. Follow your heart, it’s okay if you don’t know where you’re going. In the end, it will make an incredible story.

11. You don’t know how strong you are till you are forced to be strong.

12. Take English & grammar classes on top of your communication degree requirements.

2. A story that stuck in my media consciousness can be found HERE. News that Mitt Romney wishes he had the chance to have been in the white house. He says he won’t be running again but his huge support team and his high profile, they believe he still has a huge chance and he may just change his mind.

I loved this story because the white house needs a change. Things aren’t moving up and many American’s are worried about the future. Mitt Romney has experience and knows what to do to change things around for the best. He deserves a chance to show America.

3.  This week I advanced my own story by interviewing a guy for my story to add a different voice than where it stood a week ago. I’ve started editing pieces and I am working on getting the wording and timing just write. I’m so excited to get my message out there.